Rocky Mountain Federally Employed Women

How can you be of service to the regional FEW board? Think seriously about being an elected officer! You must be nominated and offices open for the 2022-2024 election in the new 2024 year:

Positions available are: Regional Manager, Assistant Regional Manager, Secretary, Treasurer, and Nominating and Elections Chair. Contact Roberta Sweeny, current Nominating and Elections Chair, for further inquiries ()The Regional Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Region welcomes you to our website.

Federally Employed Women works to end sex and gender discrimination, to encourage diversity for inclusion and equity in the workplace, and for the advancement of professional growth of women in federal service. Our Regional Manager is Sherry Henderson (of the Denver VA) and our regional representative is Marsha Strackany, (retired former regional manager and current regional representative).

The Federal landscape is changing. Sequestration, shutdowns, shrinking budgets challenge everyone.

Where is opportunity in uncertainty? Do you have the skills, knowledge and abilities to thrive in the new workplace? Are you a leader of people, projects or priorities? Can you afford to sit back and let the future shape you, or are you going to create the future you’ve always wanted?

at our

This one day training program is filled with strategies to help you face the future with confidence, strength and the ability to thrive in your career.

Join us as we Embrace Change, Challenge Assumptions and Create Opportunity!

Your hosts: The Denver Federal Center Chapter, RTP Management Team Kerbi Jacobsen, RTP Chair and Eva Bauer, RTP Project Manager.

FEW offers a venue for personal and professional growth by providing members with opportunities to develop and refine management and organizational skills. By participating in FEW’s programs, members gain experience that may translate into skills and abilities that are valuable career assets. FEW is an excellent forum for honing leadership skills in a supportive team environment.

FEW is organized on national, regional and chapter levels. Activities, programs, and functions related to the organization’s goals and objectives take place at all levels but this year is a special year for the national and regional FEW levels. 2023 is FEW’s 45th anniversary year. Our chapters and the region plan several celebrations on the local level! Each chapter will commemorate this event throughout the year in different ways- perhaps a 45th Anniversary Open House, Garden Party, Tea Party, dinner gala, lots of things come to mind to celebrate this milestone year! Let the fireworks begin again!

We encourage you to look around our website and check back often as information is updated often. We also urge you to visit one of our chapter meetings to see for yourself how FEW will become a positive part of your career and personal development goals. This website provides information on the chapters located within the Rocky Mountain Region. The regional levels within FEW were established in 1973, so this year is the 40 th anniversary of the regions as well. There is more to celebrate!

If we can provide additional information to you, please call or email either Sherry or Marsha. Their contact information can be found in the directory to the left. We welcome hearing from you and looking forward to seeing you at a local chapter FEW meeting, a regional board meeting, or any other event sponsored in your area.