FEW for You: FEW for Me

Federally employed women often ask the question “What can FEW do for me?” Besides the activities carried out on the more national level like those concerning legislative issues, diversity agendas and compliance monitoring, FEW fills the needs of its members on a personal level also.

Training can be one of the most beneficial aspects of FEW for the career advancement of the individual member. Training is given at the local, regional and national level.

FEW’s training is recognized as exceptional and its inclusion can brighten the educational aspect of anyone’s resume. FEW recognizes the difficulties that women can experience when resorting to more traditional types of career enhancing training such at that found at community colleges and independent training organizations.

Time and money constraints can complicate this endeavor. Also, training specific to the needs of federally employed women can be difficult to find. FEW fills this need by giving members the opportunity to develop their careers through need specific training that is affordable and is as convenient as possible.

Scholarships are widely available for all of the FEW training classes.